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FSSAI Registration

File FSSAI Registration Application Online through TaxRupees. We have helped thousands of applicants to get their FSSAI license and registration in India.

Basic Plan

Basic Plan

1199 incl. GST
3000 (60% off)

FSSAI registration application preparation and filing for small food businesses, petty retailers, juice shops and hawkers by FSSAI consultant.
  • FSSAI Registration
  • LEDGERS Accounting Software
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Standard Plan

Standard Plan

5499 incl. GST
8000 (31% off)

FSSAI State License application filing for restaurants, hotels, food transporters, manufactures, distributors and retailers.
  • FSSAI State License for 1 year
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premium plan

Premium Plan

10499 incl. GST
14000 (25% off)

FSSAI Central License application filing for 5 star hotels, large food transporters, manufacturers, distributors and retailers.
  • FSSAI Central License for 1 year
  • LEDGERS Accounting Software
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FSSAI Registration

Documents Required For FSSAI Registration

Aadhar Card
Latest Electricity Bill (not older than 1 month)
No Objection Certificate (NOC)
PAN Card
Passport Size Photo
Rent Agreement (if electricity bill not in name of proprietor)

FSSAI License and Registration


The food safety and standards authority of India (FSSAI) is a statutory body that regulates and supervises the food industry in India. FSSAI registration is mandatory for all food businesses operating in India.

FSSAI registration ensures that food businesses comply with food safety standards and regulations. It also helps to increase consumer confidence in the food products they purchase.

The FSSAI registration process is simple and straightforward. First, you need to apply for an FSSAI license. Once you have obtained the license number, you can then register with FSSAI. Finally, you will need to get the FSSAI certificate.

There are many advantages of FSSAI registration, including helping to maintain food safety standards, increasing consumer confidence, facilitating inter-state trade, and avoiding penalties and legal action.

The FSSAI registration process may seem daunting, but it is essential for any food business operating in India. The advantages of FSSAI registration far outweigh the cost and hassle of the application process. By registering with FSSAI, food businesses can help to ensure food safety standards, increase consumer confidence, facilitate inter-state trade, and avoid penalties and legal action.

TaxRupees has helped thousands of applicants across India to get their FSSAI license and registration.

What is FSSAI Registration

What is FSSAI
The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is an autonomous body established under the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India. The FSSAI has been created for laying down science-based standards for articles of food and to regulate their manufacture, storage, distribution, sale, and import to ensure availability of safe and wholesome food to 130 crore citizens of the country.

What is the Purpose of FSSAI Registration
An FSSAI license is mandatory for any business involved in the manufacturing, processing, storing, transportation or selling of food products in India. The main purpose of obtaining an FSSAI license is to ensure that the food products are safe for human consumption and are not adulterated or sub-standard in any way.

Who Needs to Obtain FSSAI Registration
All businesses involved in the food business including manufacturers, processors, transporters, storage operators, distributors, retailers etc. need to obtain an FSSAI registration or license from the authority. However, there are different types of licenses issued by FSSAI depending on the scale and nature of business operations.

The FSSAI Registration Process

Step 1: Apply for an FSSAI License
The first step in the FSSAI registration process is to apply for an FSSAI license. The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is the nodal agency responsible for regulating food safety in India.
All food businesses, whether manufacturing, processing, storing, distributing, or selling food products, are required to obtain an FSSAI license.
There are two types of licenses that can be obtained from the FSSAI - a Basic Registration and a License.
Basic Registration is meant for small-scale food businesses with an annual turnover of less than Rs 12 lakhs.
On the other hand, a License is required for all other food businesses, including those with an annual turnover of more than Rs 12 lakhs.
The FSSAI license application can be submitted online on the official website of the FSSAI. The applicant must have a valid email id and mobile number to register on the website. After registering on the website, the applicant can login and fill out the application form.

Step 2: Get the License Number
After submitting the application form, the applicant will receive a 15-digit registration or license number from the FSSAI within 60 days. This number must be printed on all food packages sold by the food business.

Step 3: Register with FSSAI
If you are planning to register your food business, you will need to submit the following documents:
1. Application form
2. License fee
3. Documentary evidence of business premises
4. No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the local authorities
5. Declaration by the applicant
6. Undertaking by the Food Business Operator
7. Food Safety Management Plan
8. Product specifications
9. List of food category/items manufactured or handled
10. Test reports of water to be used for manufacturing of food products
11. Test reports of raw materials to be used

Step 4: Get the FSSAI Certificate
After completing all these steps, you will receive your FSSAI certificate which will be valid for 1 year from date of issue. You will need to renew your certificate every year.

Advantages of FSSAI Registration

Helps Maintain Food Safety Standards
The FSSAI registration is mandatory for all food business operators in India. It is an act that consolidates various laws relating to food and establishes the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) as the single reference point for all matters relating to food safety and standards.
The FSSAI registration helps maintain food safety standards by ensuring that only those food businesses who meet the prescribed food safety standards are allowed to operate in India. This, in turn, protects consumers from eating unsafe or contaminated food.

Increases Consumer Confidence
Consumers today are more aware of the importance of eating safe and healthy food. When they see that a food business has been registered with the FSSAI, it instills confidence in them that the food being sold by that business is safe to eat. This increased confidence levels also encourage customers to visit registered establishments more often, which is good for business.

Facilitates Inter-State Trade
The FSSAI registration is also important for businesses that want to engage in inter-state trade of food products. This is because each state in India has its own set of rules and regulations regarding the sale of food products within its borders. Having an FSSAI registration makes it easier for businesses to obtain the necessary permissions from other states to sell their products there.
Avoids penalties and legal action
Lastly, it is important to note that not getting your food business registered with the FSSAI can lead to heavy penalties as well as legal action being taken against you by the authorities. So, it is always advisable to get your business registered as soon as possible to avoid any hassles later on down the road.


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FSSAI Stands for Food Safety and Standard Authority of India. FSSAI is an Independent association under the Ministry of Health. FSSAI Registration is required for each individual or substance qualified for a FSSAI food handling Registration or License.

India's food handling and principles authority (FSSAI Registration) assumes a urgent part in figuring out the controlling methodology.

yes, to have the option to sell food, you will expect to have a FSSAI permit.

FSSAI registration  or License is required for a wide range of food business administrators in India, whether they are carriers, wholesalers, makers or cooks, and so on. There are three sorts of enlistment accessible relying on the yearly turnover and kind of the foundations or business.

Sanitation and Standards Authority of India The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has been laid out under Food Safety and Standards, 2006, which unites different demonstrations and orders that have until now taken care of food-related issues in different Ministries and Departments.

The first obligation of FSSAI incorporates the improvement of Science-based Food Standards for articles of food and food items and directing their production, stockpiling, circulation, deal, and import to guarantee the accessibility of protected and healthy nourishment for human utilization.

Fundamental enlistment, State permit, Central License are the three kinds of FSSAI licenses.

To maintain a food business in multiple states, he has first to get a Central License for its enrolled office and a different permit from the state authority of the individual state.

Authorizing Officer can dismiss the application when the expected data isn't given inside the specified season of 30 days. Do clinical stores have to get a permit in the event that they are selling dietary food varieties? All Food Business Operators - FBO, including clinical stores need to get FSSAI permit/enlistment.

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